Meet Shannon

I’m a biracial queer immigrant playwright with a disability living abroad… still wondering how I ended up where I have, doing what I’m doing and trying to do what needs to be done by the time it’s supposed to be done.

I’m a playwright, a producer, a collaborator, a creator and a theatre maker. I have extensive experience with project management and producing, mentoring and teaching. I’ve founded and managed festivals; taught children, young people, adults and policy makers; designed and delivered arts-based curriculum and training; secured and managed grants; and built local and international networks for my work.

“As an immigrant with multiple minority identities, Yee has proven to be vitally important in diversifying and regenerating a more inclusive arts sector in the North. Her bravery at tackling taboo or marginalized subject matter, the innovative forms and immersive experience of her performances, the honesty and truthfulness of her work, and her emphasis on engendering better understanding, commonality, compassion and empathy for those on the margins of Northern culture make her work radical, innovative, and vitally important.”

–   Fiona Coffey , Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women in Ireland  (2015, ed Haughton & Kurdi)