WEFT 2023-24, Dublin Fringe Festival

Weft image designed by Ashwin Chacko

Thrilled to be facilitating the groundbreaking Weft artist support initiative this year. 

Weft, a Dublin Fringe Festival initiative, focuses on talent development and network building for emerging and early career Black artists and artists of the global majority. In weaving, the ‘weft’ are the horizontal threads that create the woven foundation that holds a tapestry together in a loom. We believe there is a lack of support and holistic understanding for Black artists and artists of the global majority early in their careers in Ireland to learn more about their own creative habits, develop their artistic skills and take the lead in creating their own work on their own terms.

Weft Studio, first launched in 2022, addresses this gap, by interweaving individual artist support with practical project development opportunities within a community of peers who have experiences of what it is like to live and work in Ireland as a Black artist or artist of the global majority.